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Serving all Virginians with In-Person and Telehealth Services
Established in 1995

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6330 Newtown Road
Suite 300
Norfolk, VA 23502

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Eden Counseling Is Now Part Of Genesis Counseling Center. Serving Our Community With Excellence Together.
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Eden Counseling Therapists

  • Paul Van Valin, Ph.D.

    Paul VanValin, Ph.D.

    Clinical Psychologist, Leadership Coach and Consultant

  • Becky Van Valin, M.S.W.

    Becky VanValin, MSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Professional Educator

  • Frederick Barry, MA

    Frederick Barry

    MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Susan Barnum

    Susan Barnum

    Licensed Professional Counselor,
    National Certified Counselor

  • Judy Black, PsyD

    Judy Black

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Life Coach

  • Michael Brown

    Michael S Brown

    Licensed Professional Counselor, Master’s in Counseling, National Certified Counselor

  • Chrisopher W. Doriani, M.A.

    Christopher W. Doriani

    LCSW, Trauma Specialist, Eye Movement Therapy, Advanced Training

  • Bonnie Erb, PhD, LPC, LMFT

    Bonnie Erb

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LPC

  • Megan Fenton

    Megan Fenton

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Diane M. Neighbarger, M.S.W.

    Diane M. Neighbarger

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
    Adoption Counselor

  • Lovetta Ritchie, MA

    Lovetta Ritchie

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Philip Thomas, LPC, NCC

    Phillip Thomas

    Licensed Professional Counselor,
    National Certified Counselor

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